Welcome to the DePaul University Net Price Calculator!

We know that college costs are a concern for many parents and students, and we provide this Net Price Calculator to help you estimate the types of financial aid you might receive if you enroll at DePaul. It's a good place to start, but we always encourage you to talk to us throughout the process.

Consider this a starting point, but remember that all our financial aid awards are made based on several factors we can only see in your applications for admission and financial aid (2020-21 FAFSA results).

10 The calculator will take approximately 10 minutes to complete.

To help you complete this process, for the September of 2020 through May of 2021 aid year it would be helpful to have the items listed below:

  • 2018 Filed Student and Parent Income Tax Returns
  • 2018 Earnings Statements (W2 forms, recent paycheck stubs)
  • 2018 Bank and Investments Account Statements
  • Student Academic Information
    • Grade Point Average
    • Standardized Test Scores if Available (SAT/ACT)

*Future costs and financial aid estimates are subject to change. Results of the calculator are not guaranteed and special circumstances are reviewed by the Financial Aid Office on a case-by-case basis. The accuracy of your estimated awards is based on the information you provide. It is intended for first-time undergraduate domestic students. The estimated awards are based on the assumption that the student will complete the FAFSA by our preferred filing date.

If you have special circumstances it is best if you discuss it with our Financial Aid Office as each special circumstance requires case-by-case basis review

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